Ky është një ndër kopshtet zoologjikë më të vegjël dhe të trishtë në botë.

Ai përbëhet nga tre luanë, dy arinj të murrmë dhe dy derra gini.

Kafshët u blenë fillimisht nga një miliarder armen për dëfrim.

Por pasi i dolën nga qejfi ai i braktisi në fshatin Gyumri.

Tashmë një çift i moshuar kujdesen për ta, por ndihma e tyre është e pamjaftueshme.

Kafshët duken të uritura dhe pa kujdesin e duhur mjekësor.

One of the lions bangs his head against his cage wall, displaying all the signs of a creature being driven mad by their unnatural existence

Malnourished: The zoo is in the Armenian town of Gyumri – the place where the family of Armenian-American superstar Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe hails from – but it has been over two years since it saw a paying guest

Sad sight: The plight of the Armenian zoo creatures has been taken up by Sussex-based animal welfare group International Animal Rescue which is trying to muster a rescue effort in Armenia to transfer the captives to better surroundings

Forlorn: The ragged, hungry and bewildered tenants – lioness Mary, seven, and her cubs Geeta, four, and Zita, two, along with bears Masha, four, and Grisha, nine – are cared for by an elderly couple who simply stumbled upon them one day

Starving: The animals scrape along on a diet of slaughterhouse scraps brought to them by an elderly couple fighting to keep them alive

In Limbo: The civic authorities refuse to take on any responsibility for the animal and the whereabouts of their former owner is unknown

Occasionally a vet may pop in to examine the animals from outside the cages. But no-one has any money to pay for a proper examination

Desperate for scraps: The animals are looked after by an elderly couple who barely have enough money for themselves

A bear reaches out to grab a fish held by two pensioners who have taken it upon themselves to feed the starving animals

'God's creatures in pain': Pensioners Hovhamnes and Alvina Madoyan try their best to care for the animals after they were abandoned


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